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From: "Jesús Guerrero" <i92guboj@×××××.es>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] Splitting desktop profile to KDE and GNOME
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 07:41:39
Message-Id: f9559b6f1d616949407bce9fdb7c14b6@localhost
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] Splitting desktop profile to KDE and GNOME by Maciej Mrozowski
On Sat, 24 Oct 2009 15:42:17 +0200, Maciej Mrozowski <reavertm@×××××.com>
> Hi there! > > Resulting from discussion during last Gentoo KDE team meeting taking
> 22 > Oct 2009 at #gentoo-meetings (summary fill be available soon), having > Gentoo > GNOME team representative, it's been decided to go ahead with splitting > desktop profile to DE-specific subprofiles, to avoid bloat and provide > desktop > specific separation which should result in desktop subprofiles being > actually > practical. > It's been proposed to: > > - keep 'desktop' profile but strip it from any desktop specific features > and > settings, making it default recommended choice for anyone using non-KDE > and > non-GNOME desktop environment, yet avoiding USE flags bloat. Any other
> is > free to join and create own DE-specific subprofile if needed. > > - create 'KDE' (or 'kde') and 'GNOME' (or 'gnome') subprofiles within > 'desktop' profile and move any desktop specific things there. This
> in > theory allow us to not add 'recommended' IUSE defaults to desktop
> packages, but keep those settings in profile - making profile
> 'out > of the box' solution for those who need it. > > If you have any comments, suggestions, important notices regarding this > change, please keep discussion in gentoo-desktop mailing list.
I fail to see how this is simpler and/or more versatile than simply using USE="kde gnome", USE="-kde gnome", USE="-gnome kde" or USE="-gnome -kde". What exactly are we going to gain by adding yet another level of complexity where two simple USE flags suffice? I don't think it's even more elegant, and in the worst case, it makes the things uselessly complicated when you want to use both desktops. We could also add an "image" subprofile, for those wanting USE="jpeg svg png tiff" etc. Or an "fb" profile, for those only wanting USE="-X directfb". It's a nonsense, I know. The desktop subprofiles are also a nonsense to me :p Just my opinion of course :) -- Jesús Guerrero


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