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From: Ben Lutgens <lamer@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] orinoco drivers not compiling: Guinea Pig Tester Request
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 22:53:22
1 I'd like to solicit your help in testing something to make sure I'm not
2 losing my mind :-)
4 I was getting this wierd thing where no matter what I did, i was getting no
5 orinoco drivers compiled or installed. A little investigation showed me the
6 following code in the wireless/Makefile in the toplevel of the source tree.
8 ifdef DO_ORINOCO
9 MODULES += hermes.o orinoco.o orinoco_cs.o
10 SRCS += hermes.c orinoco.c orinoco_cs.c
11 endif
13 Thanks to this little nugget the only way to get these .o files to compile
14 is by a -DDO_ORINOCO or commenting the ifdef and endif lines out. Some
15 folks have said that 3.1.34-r7 doesn't have this problem, and they a simple
16 "ebuild pcmcia-cs-3.1.34-r7.ebuild merge" would net you some orinoco
17 drivers. I do not believe this.
19 Here's how to test.
21 cd ${PORTDIR}/sys-apps/pcmcia-cs
22 ebuild pcmcia-cs-3.1.34-r7.ebuild clean unpack compile
23 cd /var/tmp/portage/pcmcia-cs-3.1.34-r7/work/pcmcia-3.1.34/wireless/
24 ls *.o
25 # you should see (if i'm not smoking something)
26 airo.o netwave_cs.o wavelan_cs.o wvlan_hcf.o
27 airo_cs.o ray_cs.o wvlan_cs.o wvlan_hcfio.o
29 Now, to further complete our test we'll fire up our favorite text editor on
30 the Makefile in the same dir as we're in, and comment out ifdef in line 21
31 and endif in line 24. Now if you run "make" you should see it compile some
32 more modules. And another "ls *.o" and we see:
33 airo.o hermes.o orinoco.o ray_cs.o wvlan_cs.o wvlan_hcfio.o
34 airo_cs.o netwave_cs.o orinoco_cs.o wavelan_cs.o wvlan_hcf.o
36 Now, to make sure that I'm not a complete dolt, please give this test a
37 once over to and post your findings in this thread just to make an old man
38 feel better and that he isn't losing his mind. I could continue to test
39 this with more and more versions of this package but according to some
40 conversations I've had this particular one is supposed to have been proven
41 to "compile and install the orinoco drivers" and since I see no
42 modifications to Makefiles or any any passing of a -DDO_ORINOCO in any
43 patches or sed statements I can only assume that ALL packages using 3.1.34
44 source are suceptible to the same wierdness. Thanks for your time, and may
45 the schwartz be with you.
47 --
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