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From: kloeri@g.o
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] New developer: Alfredo Tupone (Tupone)
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 19:35:16
1 Hi all.
3 Alfredo has joined the Gentoo team to help with the games herd. I'm sure
4 he'll have a fun time "testing" all those games :)
6 Alfredo writes about himself:
7 "I live in Rome, Italy. Well, I used to live there. Now I'm some
8 kilometers away. I own a club, not alone, that is about open source,
9 digital freedom mixed with entertainment. you can see that at
10 Have to spend some time there, mostly on saturday
11 night :) The other days I work in a big firm, and sunday ... better
12 have some rest."
14 Please welcome Tupone to the team and make sure to bother him with all
15 your games related questions :)
17 Regards,
18 Bryan Østergaard
20 --
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