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From: Elfyn McBratney <beu@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Moving the updated apache and associated ebuilds back into package.mask
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 05:56:32
Message-Id: 200504160656.43452@zippy.emcb.local
1 Hi Folks,
3 As I'm sure many of you will know, the updated apache and associated ebuilds
4 (so-called apache refresh) have caused a number of problems since coming out
5 of package.mask and going into testing. As a result, we have a number of
6 packages that simply do not function with the updated apache ebuilds,
7 rendering testing (on the apache side of things) broken.
9 Currently, we have at least two (possibly three) weeks worth of work to do
10 before we can mark things stable, so these breakages will likely exist until
11 then.
13 A number of people have suggested putting these updated ebuilds back into
14 package.mask, or lessening the impact of the upgrade from current stable
15 apache to the new ~arch apache. So, I would like to solicit advice from the
16 developer community as to how we can rectify this.
18 The way I see it, we have three options:
19 - package.mask (downgrades for those early adopters)
20 - keep the same layout (/etc/apache2/conf, etc.) and wait until 2.2 is out to
21 change it
22 - have the newer apache ebuilds migrate from old-style to new-style config
23 (very hard to do, but possible)
25 Personally, I'm for package.masking, heh. Let the flames commence.
27 Best,
28 Elfyn
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