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From: "Gregory M. Turner" <gmt@×××××.us>
To: gentoo-alt@l.g.o, gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] cygwin prefix patch: request for eyeballs
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 23:13:39
1 Hello, I would appreciate if those of you with portage development experience and a moment to spare could please take a look at:
5 Not gunning for upstream or anything, but I would eventually like to start moving towards "not a complete pile of crap" status :)
7 Notes:
9 o based against a-few-weeks-old rsync prefix-portage
11 o may contain a very few hunks that should arguably go
12 upstream--I will make bugs for them and they are not
13 what (I feel) needs eyeballs.
15 o trying to actually run this may be difficult. let me
16 know where you're stuck and I'll try to help.
18 o I must admit, I pretty much learned python as I went,
19 so... if you are thinking "that looks like a total
20 rookie mistake" it probably is, and I'd probably
21 appreciate your constructive critique.
23 o I'll probably keep hacking on this so... moving target.
24 But it's mostly working, I think.
26 o This doesn't make any big changes to upstream code. So,
27 If it looks like it might be a big indentation change,
28 it probably is.
30 o this is to solve the problem that, in cygwin, a running python
31 crashes as soon as you change any filesystem .dll's on which
32 it depends and fork() -- this is semi-orthogonal to the
33 typical cygwin "rebasing" problem and distinct from it.
34 The problem has nothing to do with locked files (except
35 that my solution does use some standard portage file-
36 locking features).
38 -gmt


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