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From: Nick Jones <carpaski@××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Portage-2.0.46-r12
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 12:51:37
1 I just pushed portage-2.0.46-r12 out. I need some testers on it.
2 It's mostly fixups on -r10/-r11 and should be free and clear of
3 problems now. I'd like to unmask this ASAP, so test and lemme know.
5 /etc/make.profile/use.mask and /etc/portage/use.mask are concatenated
6 and used by repoman/portage now as general masking for USE flags. One
7 USE entry per line. The files are concatenated. ARCH cannot be masked.
8 Other arches can, but not the one specified in your profile.
10 There's a broken-404-redirector detector now... So html/404 distfile
11 corruption should slow down/stop. There are also some resume fixes
12 that should help out with the seemingly increasing number of mirrors
13 that are not carrying current files.
15 emerge -vp exists to show enabled/disabled use flags courtasy of a
16 user-submitted patch.
18 Distcc is enabled via features now, along with some other CC/CXX
19 fixes that came about with gcc-config.
21 Nabbed a bug that's existed unbeknownst to anyone since 2.0.26_pre
22 where 'emerge -e world' could (and with autoclean did) empty the
23 world file of every package it merged. 'regenworld' is now available
24 to recreate the world file the best that can be done from the log
25 kept in /var/log/emerge.log.
27 etc-update automerges trivial (comments/whitespace) changes without
28 prompting, after you enable or merge the default config for it.
30 CBUILD is now used by econf() if it is defined. Sets --build=$CBUILD.
32 newdepend()/eclass RDEPEND issues fixed.
34 --NJ
36 --
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