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From: Justin Lambert <jlambert@×××.cc>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Contribute many ebuilds at once
Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 19:50:11
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Contribute many ebuilds at once by Karl Trygve Kalleberg
1 On Sunday 09 June 2002 10:39 am, Karl Trygve Kalleberg wrote:
3 > Increasing the visibility of which ebuild submissions are in the pipe is
4 > something we'd very much like to do. It is a fairly easy affair, and will
5 > probably be handled in my proposition for a new ebuild submission system.
7 I haven't really developed the idea sitting around in my head yet but trying
8 to piece all of the ideas floating around for an interface (note: i am not an
9 interface design person so this could be way wrong). Would it make sense to
10 have maybe a heirarchial view for submitted ebuilds for where their creator?
11 thinks they should go in the portage tree. Maybe on the views have different
12 icons showing which tree has new ebuilds that need testing and it would be
13 easier for people that only like to test, for example, chat programs (assume
14 there are these people) to focus on their area of expertise. I don't know if
15 the new ebuild submission thing will be something that will help this problem
16 or not. I also could be way out in left field.
18 > The biggest problem for the maintainers is the varying quality of ebuilds.
19 > Few, if any submissions are correct on the first go, and many of the
20 > bugs/problems identified could be checked programmatically.
21 >
22 > Submissions should then be run through a "screening" script that checks
23 > for syntactic and semantic completeness, verifies dependencies,
24 > well-formedness of ebuild, digest, changelog, etc.
26 It wouldn't be very hard to write a recursive descent parser to run through an
27 ebuild would it? I can try to whip something out myself if needed or work
28 with someone to write possibly a perl script that can be run on the files
29 after an ebuild is submitted, before the confirmation page saying that they
30 tested the layout and formality requirements. The biggest problems I'd have
31 with this is that I know a very little bit of python and don't have a whole
32 lot of experience with complex ebuilds. I don't think it would be super hard
33 with basic ones though. Let me know if this is something that is of use and
34 someone would like to help me with it.
37 Justin Lambert