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From: Travis Tilley <lv@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o, gentoo-core@l.g.o, amd64@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Two requests for ebuild maintainers+writers
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 19:43:09
1 I have two requests that will help to make my work incredibly easy. ;)
3 1) start using $(get_libdir) wherever possible instead of referencing
4 lib directly. get_libdir is now part of the eutils eclass and is used by
5 gen_usr_ldscript in eutils. so, where previously it had:
7 cat > ${D}/usr/lib/$1 <<"END_LDSCRIPT"
9 it now has:
11 cat > ${D}/usr/$(get_libdir)/$1 <<"END_LDSCRIPT"
13 The get_libdir function will always return "lib" if using portage
14 <2.0.51_pre20 or if CONF_LIBDIR isnt set, so it should be safe to use
15 -everywhere-. If CONF_LIBDIR is set, it should return lib32 or lib64,
16 depending on what multilib capable arch you are running on. package
17 maintainers arent expected to be aware of any issues with using
18 lib32/lib64 (well, unless you're an amd64 dev or helping with multilib
19 on mips i guess), so feel free to slap any bugs related to lib64/lib32
20 onto the arch maintainers. ;)
22 please mark any lib32/lib64 bugs critical so that they're sure to be
23 noticed, even if they're not technically critical. *pokes amd64 devs so
24 that they know this was requested and dont downgrade any of those bugs*
27 2) install and use gcc 3.4 if possible. this isnt a biggie for most
28 archs, i'd just like for packages to be tested with gcc 3.4 since I
29 havent run into any major problems on amd64 in a while, and would like
30 to know what x86 or ppc specifics fail (i expect there to be a small few
31 that only fail on these archs). Note that i'm not requesting anyone
32 -switch- to gcc 3.4 here, just that they test the packages they maintain
33 to see if they fail, and fix them if possible.
35 a note about c++ apps: if you dont plan on switching to gcc 3.4
36 completely, it might not be easy to test any c++ apps. 3.4 includes an
37 incompatible libstdc++, and strange bugs pop up or apps fail to compile
38 when one dep links to .so.5 (gcc 3.2.3->3.3.x) and another links to
39 .so.6 (gcc 3.4.x). they dont -always- pop up, but they -often- do. if
40 you keep gcc 3.3 around, some retarded apps still link to .so.5 even
41 when compiled using 3.4 unless you move gcc 3.3's out of
42 the way. :/
43 gcc 3.4 is slotted, but if you switch completely, the suggestion is to
44 remove 3.3.x and 3.2.x.
46 morfic has also been kind enough to provide us with an experimental gcc
47 3.4 on x86 profile for those willing to make the switch:
48 profiles/default-linux/x86/2004.2/gcc34/
51 Travis Tilley <lv@g.o>
53 --
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