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From: Lars Weiler <pylon@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Developer/Users-Meeting at Chaos Communication Camp
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 00:48:20
1 Hello,
3 as we talked on #gentoo-dev some minutes ago about this
4 meeting, I'll write some more information to this list.
6 This summer from 7th to 10th August the Chaos Communication
7 Camp [1] will take place in the near of Berlin, Germany. As
8 I heard, some more Gentoo Developers beside me will come to
9 this event. So I thought we could enlarge the so far
10 organized Users-Meeting [2] to a kind of
11 Developer-Conference (like the Gimp people will do).
13 Actually I don't know who will participate and so I would
14 like to ask you writing me an email if you plan to attend
15 the Camp.
17 Some more information about the Chaos Communication Camp:
19 "The Camp is a four-day open-air all-in-one conference and
20 hacker holiday experience. We want you to join, put up
21 your tent, to participate, to contribute, to learn and to
22 have fun. We will bring on the infrastructure, you bring
23 on yourself.
25 The Camp offers lots of features and activities that will
26 keep you busy experimenting and roaming among a variety of
27 cool things going on everywhere at the Camp."
29 The entrace fee is set to 100 Euros for a place at the
30 camp-site, the sanitary infrastructure, the power, internet
31 etc. (except food and drinks). You should have a look at
32 the Camp Wiki [3] for getting an idea about what the Camp
33 would look like ;-)
35 That the Camp takes place in Germany doesn't mean that the
36 language would be German -- on the contrary, the Chaos
37 Computer Club is an international group and so English would
38 be the offical Camp's language.
40 So again, if you plan to attend the Camp, please drop me an
41 email so that I can organize a time-slot and place for our
42 meeting.
44 Regards, Lars
46 [1]
47 [2]
48 [3]
50 --
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