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From: Christian Loitsch <gentoo-dev@×××××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ideas/bugs
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 12:42:41
1 hi,
3 I just finished compiling the base system on an MMX-130 Mhz with 48MB of
4 Ram. (slow but doable). Note that 48MB were nearly always enough for
5 the compilation! (ok glibc would have liked more ;).
7 I made some observations, and would like to know, which of them are
8 considered as bugs. (so that I can enter them in bugzilla)
10 * why is there an mta-mysql USE flag, and no mta-postgres?
11 * why do you call the postgresql-flag postgres? After all its name is
12 postgresql (you don't call mysql mys)
13 * why are the permissions of /etc/make.conf so strict (only 600 on my
14 machine) (i hope it wasn't me who changed them ;)
15 * as I am behind a firewall, which asks for username and password, I
16 could not use wget. The only program, which is (afaik!) capable of
17 even "tunneling" through an ftp-proxy is lftp.
18 I downloaded a static version (and modified the lftp-get script, so
19 that it accepted a Path-option) and it worked really well.
20 But it took me quite some time to realize that bootstrap doesn't use
21 FETCHCOMMAND. You could at least mention it somewhere.
22 I also really think that lftp is more appropriate than wget.
23 * fortunately I have access to a machine outside the firewall and was
24 therefore able to make the rsync there and then download it via ftp,
25 would be really nice, to do this directly.
26 * why does the installation of grub won't work if /boot is not a
27 partition on its own? (had no cdrom and "installed" the iso-image
28 temporarely on the boot-partition)
29 * my installed system works "worse" than the iso-image.
30 the installation-manual does not explain how to set up the right
31 keyboard and "make menuconfig" shows funny chars instead of the lines.
32 (afaik this is only an Env. variable, but which one)
33 * depscan is maybe not called with the right params in the boot-scripts:
34 depscan: Usage depscan ....
35 * why do you ask users in you manual to execute depmod, if it is in 1 of
36 your boot-scripts?
37 * I guess the best way to avoid "broken" Gentoos because of forgetting
38 the -w option with nano, would be to make an alias right at the
39 beginning. (like nanow)
40 * i think that you should also treat pcmcia a little bit in your
41 install-manual.
42 * because of wrong parameters the pcmcia-boot-script failed. But there
43 was no message. like [ FAIL ]
46 * I have not yet verified the next point:
47 I have a pcmcia-network-card, but because of a race condition (will
48 make a bug-report), I had to remove the net.eth0 script (rc-update del
49 net.eth0), and call it manually.
50 Surprisingly when I halt the system there is still a message:
51 ?? Bringing down eth0 ?? which of course fails, because I brought
52 it down already manually.
55 Please note that I do _not_ consider everything I mentioned as bug!
58 christian
60 ps: Gentoo really rocks!


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