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From: Jaco Kroon <jaco@××××××.za>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] linux-mod - moving checks to pkg_pretend
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 10:18:28
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] linux-mod - moving checks to pkg_pretend by Ionen Wolkens
1 Hi Ionen,
3 On 2022/06/10 12:03, Ionen Wolkens wrote:
4 > On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 11:41:01AM +0200, Jaco Kroon wrote:
5 >> Hi All,
6 >>
7 >> Currently checks for kernel options etc happen in pkg_setup, would it be
8 >> possible to move this to pkg_pretend?
9 > One problem with pkg_pretend is that it may not even be the right
10 > kernel, e.g. it could be using a new gentoo-kernel that was just
11 > emerged in the process. There's also USE=symlink which may lead
12 > to an entirely non-configured kernel. So pkg_setup check is
13 > essential and "moving" wouldn't be right.
14 >
15 > Copying can "somewhat" work, albeit it could check against different
16 > kernels and also cause duplicated messages (former nvidia-drivers
17 > ebuild used to even repeat messages /3/ times when some were fine
18 > to ignore (aka, just a warning) -- but 3 rather than 2 was due to
19 > the ebuild doing it wrong though).
20 This makes sense.  But would then absolutely require a syntax like
21 use?option to be supported so that CHECK_CONFIG can just be set globally
22 once.  And that brings another can of worms ... unless there is a common
23 mechanism to "resolve" that using a syntax similar to elsewhere, eg, a
24 mechanism to reduce something like:
29 ~CRC_CCITT" if USE=-oslec.
30 >> Motivation:  pkg_setup executes just prior to unpack, so if it fails
31 >> here it could be after a lot of other work has already gone into other
32 >> packages, breaking the full merge, it would thus be better to break early.
33 >>
34 >> A couple of packages (dahdi included, although, in-prep commit changes
35 >> that to match the eclass) invoke special cases for CHECK_CONFIG,
36 >> depending on USE flags, so for example this is going into dahdi now
37 >> (variation of what was in pkg_pretend)
38 >>
39 >> use oslec && CHECK_CONFIG+=" ECHO"
40 >> linux-mod_pkg_setup
41 >>
42 >> Most of the checks in linux-mod_pkg_setup (like ensuring kernel sources
43 >> are prepped) makes sense to perform in pretend rather so that we know
44 >> it's sorted prior to the first packages starting to merge, thus reducing
45 >> risk of breakage once merges have initiated.
46 >>
47 >> There are a fair number of consumers in-tree that would need to be
48 >> validated, but from a quick grep I did this morning looking for examples
49 >> I *suspect* most of the consumers will not require any changes.
50 > Ideally changing EXPORT_FUNCTIONS should be done on EAPI bumps rather
51 > than trying to update every ebuilds. Lot of overlays use linux-mod
52 > too and don't expect sudden API breakage assuming not using the eclass
53 > in a way they weren't supposed to.
55 I suspect the usage isn't as well defined as it could be, and as such
56 (postgress, dahdi and qemu - to name but those I looked at this morning)
57 are all using it in slightly different ways, all of them makes sense,
58 and all of them suffers different shortcomings.  It seems the majority
59 of uses are in pkg_pretend with an explicit check_extra_config call,
60 given what you said above ...
62 Kind Regard,
63 Jaco