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From: Ian Phillips <ianp@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Freetype 2.1.2 test results
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 03:59:55
1 I've tested with Mozilla
3 unmask freetype
4 emerge freetype
5 emerge -c freetype
6 emerge pango
7 emerge gtk+
8 restart mozilla
9 Seems to work OK, but fonts look worse than before. Is this to do
10 with hinting?
11 edited ebuild, adding src_unpack() section from 2.0.9 ebuild
12 emerge freetype
13 restart mozilla
14 Also fiddled with my subpixel decimation settings, looks better now.
15 start gimp (1.3)
16 Seems to work OK. Can use the type tool without problems.
17 start gnumeric (1.1.5)
18 Seems to work OK. This only really tests the widgets though, since
19 the gnumeric canvas dosn't use antialiasing.
20 start mrproject
21 Crashes. Find out that I'm running an older version, so...
22 emerge -c dev-libs/libmrproject
23 emerge -c app-office/mrproject
24 Seems to work OK.
25 Log out and log back in again.
26 Seems OK. This should test the panel and WM (metacity). They both
27 seem OK, although I'm not sure which FT they are using since the
28 xfree build includes it's own version.
30 Actually, the font rendering with FT212 looks better to my eyes that
31 that of FT209. And the apps I've tried seem to work without trouble.
33 I think that's all the major apps I have that use FT.
35 Yours,
36 Ian.
38 --
39 #ifndef __COMMON_SENSE__ | Ian Phillips
40 #include <std_disclaimer> | TIBCO Software Inc.
41 #endif |