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Subject: [gentoo-dev] install bootstrap problem
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:31:31
Message-Id: 000001c08a11$6e31d2d0$0800a8c0@speedymonkey
In response to Dave Bresson
>> so i have a bit of a bootstrap problem. ...
Achim Gottinger wrote:
> rc3 was optimized for i686 systems, so it does not run on pentium/k6
systems. :-/ We changed that in rc4 (optimized for i486), so you need the lates rc4 (pre2) cd. A couple of points: 1. the rc3 disk does the same hang described by Dave on my Compaq ProSignia 500 with PPro which is a P6 class processor 2. when I try to bootstrap the rc4_pre2 CD on the ProSignia 500, I can't because the kernel image in "bootgrub.img" does not support the NCR SCSI adapter chip in the ProSignia 500 (booting from the image packaged with rc3 does find the CD, it just hangs at "changing root ..." 3. when I boot from the rc4_pre2 CD on a P5 (Compaq Deskpro), I get a message that it appears not to be the distribution disk. Any help getting Gentoo going on this machine would be much appreciated. Murthy


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