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From: Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Gentoo "Stable" Portage/Releases
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 22:15:39
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo "Stable" Portage/Releases by Chris Gianelloni
1 Chris Gianelloni posted <1136575138.18383.77.camel@×××××××××××××××××.net>,
2 excerpted below, on Fri, 06 Jan 2006 14:18:58 -0500:
4 > Remember that the release trees would only be security fixes. No other
5 > package updates should be happening. This would allow for companies to
6 > actually certify their software against "Gentoo 2006.0", for example.
8 Not an unreasonable proposal. I've a couple of comments, however.
9 (Naturally. =8^)
11 1) AFAIK, most such certification would require nailing down a bit
12 further, including gcc version used to compile, and CFLAGS, among other
13 things. Basically, what they'd then be certifying against would be the
14 GRP releases. This could mean expanding them somewhat, altho it should be
15 fine to build software unrelated to that being certified, and unrelated to
16 the necessary boot environment, from source, without destroying the
17 certification, and that limits the required GRP package count somewhat.
19 2) I was going to say that without keyword support it might be difficult
20 to nail down the distinction between those running current and those
21 running stable, but I just realized it could/should be right there in the
22 repository and/or profile information, as I'm sure that'll need to be
23 reported in emerge info, once multi-repository gets full support. It
24 /will/ be a bit of extra bug tracking for either devs or bug-wranglers or
25 both, as devs not wanting the work of supporting "stale" packages will,
26 I'm sure, still get bugs assigned that belong to the stable tree only.
27 However, that should be minimal and manageable.
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