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From: Denis Dupeyron <calchan@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Is Gentoo a Phoenix?
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 17:22:26
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Is Gentoo a Phoenix? by Richard Freeman
1 On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 9:33 AM, Richard Freeman <rich0@g.o> wrote:
2 > What I was getting at is trying to identify what aspects of the whole
3 > recruitment process added the most value and which added the least, and
4 > adjusting accordingly.  I think that assessing attitude and maturity, and
5 > providing the tools and education needed are the most critical aspects of
6 > recruitment.
8 Agreed. Although the education part should come from the mentor.
9 Recruiters are only supposed to fill in the gaps because there's only
10 so much they can do. Nowadays most mentors only really care about
11 making sure their mentee gets the quiz answers right. That's a big
12 mistake. I've been mentoring somebody to help me with sci-electronics
13 for months now (hi Rafael!), and the quizzes are less than 5% of what
14 we spend time on. So what is it then? English and how to communicate
15 was the big thing at first but he's doing much better now, then
16 working on a lot of ebuilds in and outside of bugzilla, but also how
17 to efficiently deal with people, why things happen in a volunteer
18 project and most importantly why they don't, how to not get
19 discouraged by many little annoying things, etc... That's the kind of
20 things a mentor and thus every gentoo developer should invest time in
21 because it pays back big time.
23 I've been toying with a project about training mentors but can't find
24 the time to set it up. The idea was to have interactive sessions on
25 irc with a few interested devs.
27 > That's why I'm all for changing the approach to quizzes - from my experience
28 > it wasn't the quizzes themselves that really added the most value for me.
29 >  The interaction that they triggered and getting me to consider some of the
30 > more critical issues that come up in ebuild maintenance added far more value
31 > than getting every detail of the answers 100% correct.
33 I do make sure that answers are 100% correct since I consider that
34 part of the necessary paperwork to be recruited. However during the
35 review I use the quizzes mostly as a way to engage conversation on a
36 lot of topics, not only technical. That's the reason a review with me
37 lasts anywhere from 5 to 12 hours.
39 So in a sense what you're thinking of is already happening.
41 Denis.