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From: Zoltan Puskas <zoltan@×××××××××.info>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Proposal to undeprecate EGO_SUM
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 07:14:38
Message-Id: YrlYwvPf8HKrC1uv@tachikoma
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Proposal to undeprecate EGO_SUM by Oskari Pirhonen
1 Hey,
3 >
4 > Rephrasing this just to ensure I'm understanding it correctly: you're
5 > suggesting to move _everything_ that uses Go into its own overlay. Let's
6 > call it gentoo-go for the sake of the example.
7 >
8 > If the above is accurate, then I hard disagree.
10 Yes, that was the suggestion, you understood it correctly.
12 >
13 > The biggest package that I have that uses Go is docker (and accompanying
14 > tools). Personal distaste of docker aside, it's a very popular piece of
15 > software, and I don't think it's fair to require all the people who want
16 > to use it to first enable and sync gentoo-go before they can install it.
18 It could be enabled by default for everyone, and people would have the choice to
19 disable it or mask everything except what they are using in that case, so the
20 extra user toil could be avoided by a creaful rollout. I'm not saying it would
21 be an elegant solution though.
23 >
24 > And what about transitive dependencies? Suppose app-misc/cool-package is
25 > written in some language that isn't Go, but it has a dependency on
26 > sys-apps/cool-util which has a dependency on something written in Go.
27 > Should a user wanting to install cool-package have to enable the
28 > gentoo-go overlay now too? Even though app-misc/cool-package would look
29 > like it doesn't need the overlay unless you dig into the deps.
31 This is however a valid point, something I did not consider.
33 Any reverse dependencies (i.e. packages in main portage tree depending on
34 gentoo-go) would be anithetical to the overlay philosopy (the other direction of
35 dependencies is okay though). This invalidates my separate overlay
36 suggestion, consider it withdrawn.
38 However I think that my other points still stand, until someone convinces
39 me otherwise.
41 >
42 > Not a dev, just a user who really likes Gentoo :)
44 Thanks for your perspective, it was a valueable observation. :)
46 >
47 > - Oskari
48 >
50 Cheers,
51 Zoltan


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