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From: Chris White <chriswhite@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Thinking ahead: thoughts on pascal stuff (reloaded and virtual/pascal)
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 15:57:08
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4 All,
6 After working on fpc some more, I came across a nice little piece of
7 information. FPC comes with a nice configuration file that stores
8 itself in etc and does basically what make.conf does for C[XX]FLAGS.
9 Having said this, #4:
11 4) A possible new keyword added to make.conf called
14 As far as George's response:
16 | I'd put #1 and really defining: just how many packages are talking
17 | about here? For what I know about there wouldn't be that much.
19 This is one of the things I'm taking into consideration right now
20 while thinking about dev-pascal. As you state later on, if I only
21 find 1 or 2 pascal based packages, then I probably won't even bother.
23 | BTW, there is gpc as well ;) , which is gcc based and is striving
24 | to
25 be as much standards compliant
26 | as possible (Standard Pascal, Extended pascal and few more recent
27 additions).
29 The actual reason in my choosing fpc over gpc is that it has a lot
30 more as far as extensions ( gtk, opengl, mysql, etc. ), and also
31 contains a lot of the Borland Delphi class units. This, if done
32 correctly, could mean the porting of many open-source delphi programs
33 to linux. Granted this won't be a "Compile and it automagically
34 works", you'd probably have to adjust some windows only stuff (windows
35 api->gtk), but in the end it would be possible.
37 | Overall for the packages I am aware of (that'd be gpc and fpc in
38 | the
39 tree right now, possibly grx and one or two other >libs to be added
40 later) I am not so sure there is a need for a separate category or a
41 herd. Right now it should go under >lang-misc (herd), which I created
42 specifically for variety of lang-related but scattered in belonging
43 packages. However if >you can think of 5-7+ packages to populate new
44 category (bear in mind, according to present agreement gpc and fpc
45 | should stay under dev-lang, Pascal related packages which are not
46 compilers (libs or other stuff) would then go under >dev-pascal) and
47 are willing to take on active maintainership of the category and head
48 the herd, I say go right ahead ;) .
50 Once again, I am also taking into consideration the need for a large
51 number of pascal oriented packages before I go off doing this. As far
52 as herd an maintainership, I'm still waiting for more herd members
53 before I run off and do that. I'd rather be prepared with a good
54 number of devs in the pascal herd, then jump in solo and watch the
55 fireworks fly as I try and handle other stuff.
57 As far as Spider's response:
59 | heh, this would be good. :)
61 | Personally, I have fairly strong feelings for Pascal, topped with a
62 |
63 |
64 lot of previous experience with the language, some >minor experience
65 with the fpc toolchain, but, sadly, not much time that I can spend on
66 it. But, i'll be peeking curiously >and poking stuff to see if it
67 beeps ;)
69 Feel free to poke around with fpc-source. It's a new cvs snapshot
70 source build I created that will be package.masked (It still has a few
71 here and dep related issues that I'd like to solve before even
72 considering it ~arch). Of course, the binary fpc build is always
73 avaliable for those that would rather not mess around with the source
74 stuff.
76 On another note:
78 ~ Since there is fpc, fpc-source, and gpc, I'd like to also propose
79 a virtual/pascal for users that want a choice as to which pascal
80 compiler they're using. The users would have the choice of:
82 1) Development fpc-source compiler for doing bleeding edge work
83 2) Somewhat more stable fpc compiler
84 3) the gpc compiler for gcc-based pascal compiling and standarization
86 Please feel free to comment on whether or not that should be
87 implemented.
89 That's all for now, thanks ahead of time for suggestions and what not.
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