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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] OT - Finding Linux dev resources
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 22:07:48
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1 The old fashion way. Press releases but in the electronic form. One
2 site that comes to mind, There is no better way to
3 recruit than to advertise on the sites that these people look at.
4 Another would definatly be This is where all things
5 concerning distros can be found and would be a good place to start. You
6 could also try to solicite some of the current coders of already
7 existing Linux based games such as those listed at you
8 could also have a press release there as well. Look at some of the more
9 popular projects on freshmeat or sourceforge and see who their coders
10 are. You can look at their profiles to see what they do and sometimes
11 who they currently work for. You might find some real diamonds in the
12 rough in the projects that are not very popular but they often contain
13 some very un-employed coders that have outstanding abilities. The last
14 company I worked with got some of its very best coders by looking around
15 on
17 Some things to include would be whether this is a paid position or a
18 volunteer thing. The other part that will be the MOST important to the
19 hardcore Open Source coders would be the license that you would be
20 releasing things as. If you are going to do it under an open source
21 license, which one will it be IE: bsd, lgpl, gpl, etc. If it wont be a
22 gpl'd license, give a link to your license so that they can read it.
23 Most people will not want to do work for a company that uses a closed
24 source license but there are some people out there that wont mind this
25 as long as they agree with the companies vision, whatever it is.
27 The other thing that you should expect is that dont expect people to
28 come flocking to your distro just because you have good ideas. The idea
29 WILL take time for it to sink in to the community and to be accepted.
30 Starting a new distro is NOT something for the faint of heart, it also
31 takes A LOT of start up cash. Most linux companies are in business for
32 up to 3 years before they even break even let alone turn a profit.
34 The other place to advertise would be mailing lists such as this one,
35 but DO NOT flood it or you will definatly be seen as a black sheep.
36 Also do not do it on lists that explicitly say NO ADVERTISING.
38 info@××××××××××.net wrote:
40 >All;
41 >
42 >First let me apologize if this is the wrong thread to post this request. If
43 >I'm out of line let me know (preferrably without flaming me)
44 >
45 >I've been in talks with a group of folks interested in starting a new
46 >Linux/Debian based company. This new company to be successful will need the
47 >ability to pull off the following:
48 >
49 >1) Creation of a new distro based on key specific features of various distros
50 >available today
51 >
52 >2) Creation of new Linux games or vastly improvement on the Linux games
53 >available today
54 >
55 >Here's my questions:
56 >
57 >1) How / where do I find and recruit top notch Linux kernel, application and
58 >game developers?
59 >
60 >2) How would we best go about soliciting open source developers to help us out
61 >and what's the best way to manage these type of development processes ?
62 >
63 >Any tips, thoughts, past experiences, warnings, etc would be very helpful.
64 >
65 >Thanks in advance for any advice you may have for me.
66 >
67 >Also if anyone reading this is interested in learning more please pop me an
68 >email at info@××××××××××.net
69 >
70 >
71 >
72 >
73 >
75 --
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