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From: Vadim Berezniker <vadim@××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] kick-ass (for me at least) portage idea
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 01:13:43
1 This is an idea that is orinted mostly toward hard-core users and maybe
2 to some regular users.
4 The idea is the ability to compile cvs versions of packages. That is for
5 example to type 'emerge anjuta-cvs' and to have portage download anjuta
6 from CVS, compile it, install it, etc, and record it as
7 'anjuta-cvs-###########'(timestamp up to seconds).
9 The point for this is to allow users to be able to have stuff from CVS
10 and yet to be able to have the package manager track that (without
11 having to do anything manually). I have yet to come across any package
12 manager that can do that.
14 The problem with this is that the CVS URL for the package is not ebuild
15 specific. So you could have abc-1.0.ebuild and abc-1.1.ebuil but they
16 would have the same CVS url. So I guess what would be good here is some
17 kind of way to have per-'application' specific settings. (Also
18 per-applicatin-per-major version) so that you could have a different CVS
19 url for abc-1.0 and abc-2.0.
21 So I guess the idea is to have with common
22 settings (without having to source it manually from a ebuild) for that
23 major version of the package. (And of course being able to override the
24 common settings with a setting in an ebuild.)
26 The idea does not end here. The user should also be able to type 'emerge
27 package-cvs-20021022190412' and have emerge download and install the
28 package from CVS from that specific point in time. (using -D cvs flag).
29 Also the last idea is to be able to go as far as typing 'emerge
30 package-cvs-branch-20021022190412' to have it fetch the sources from a
31 particular branch'.
33 (I may have been too paranoid with the timestamp by including seconds.)
35 Thank You,
36 Kryptolus
38 This idea is feasable, but I'm sure can bring its own problems to the table.
40 So I would like you to consider this idea and express your opinion.


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