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From: "M. J. Everitt" <m.j.everitt@×××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] rfc: /etc/hostname on gentoo
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 06:57:22
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] rfc: /etc/hostname on gentoo by Daniel Campbell
1 On 28/08/16 07:30, Daniel Campbell wrote:
2 > On 08/24/2016 09:42 AM, Zac Medico wrote:
3 >> On 08/24/2016 09:33 AM, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
4 >>> * no benefit put forth so far, other than that it's the same file that
5 >>> systemd uses, which is true but not beneficial as far as I can tell
6 >> It's a de facto standard. Being different for the sake of being
7 >> different is not a virtue in cases like this.
8 >>
9 > And doing things because "everyone else does it" is dumb, because it
10 > precludes our ability to choose and makes us subject to the decisions
11 > made outside of our distribution. Of course, as a distro we're subject
12 > to outside decisions often, but what's the point of being a distro if
13 > you're doing things the same way everyone else does?
14 >
15 > mjo made a good point. What if the meaning of /etc/hostname changes? Or
16 > rather, what if the file gets moved altogether? All this effort to
17 > "follow the flock" will lead to higher maintenance burden. Symlinking it
18 > in pkg-postinst or some other mostly-automatic behavior makes sense
19 > because then a package "owns" the file. Should an update happen where
20 > the decision to follow the flock is rescinded, a revbump with the
21 > symlinking line removed would cleanly get rid of the symlink without any
22 > user intervention and next to zero maintenance burden.
23 >
24 > /etc/conf.d/hostname sits alongside multiple other files, including
25 > hwclock, consolefont, localmount, fsck, modules, sshd, udev, etc. By
26 > glancing at it, it's clear that /etc/conf.d/ relates to system (or
27 > rather, package) configuration.
28 >
29 > Considering that OpenRC puts package configuration there, and OpenRC (by
30 > default) looks for the hostname file in that directory, it's a
31 > non-issue. Why should OpenRC look elsewhere for configuration when
32 > there's already a place for it?
33 >
34 > If systemd or other inits need it, then they should install the file and
35 > guess the initial value by sourcing /etc/conf.d/hostname. It's none of
36 > OpenRC's concern what other inits need.
37 +1


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