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From: Samuli Suominen <ssuominen@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Some tarballs still ship broken .png images that can't be viewed with libpng16, "Tracker" bug #468386
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 13:21:16
1 It would take considerably amount of time to start extracting tarballs,
2 installing ebuilds, and reporting bugs about possible
3 broken .png files within packages.
4 The problem is broken IDAT lenght, an error that libpng15 still
5 gracefully ignored, but libpng16 no longer ignores.
7 The bug,
8 List created by Tobias at 2013 May,
10 <mailto:klausman@g.o>
12 This has been discussed on the ML before, and most important packages
13 got already fixed, but there are packages still
14 left. Any help addressing the issue is welcome, and I'm sending this
15 mail in hopes people will see packages on the lists
16 that intrest them, and fix them.
18 Thanks,
19 Samuli
20 <mailto:klausman@g.o>