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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Libpng 1.2.1 / force rebuild
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 22:57:07
1 Hello,
2 we are dropping behind in libpng versions quite badly, but I fear the
3 move to the new version will be a difficult one.
5 When emerging libpng-1.2.1 it will break almost all programs that link
6 to, (new version is
8 This is solved by a simple rebuild of the affected packages, but that's
9 not something that feels nice in many cases.
11 as more and more packages depend on the newer 1.2.1 version (that has
12 quite some changes to 1.0.12, including optimizations)
14 Now, I'm looking for a way to smoothly show this into portage without
15 breaking too much of the users applications.
17 I've figured two approaches to this:
18 A) update the ~200 ebuilds that link to libpng to point at
19 media-libs/libpng-1.2.1 and mask them, only to unmask it all at one
20 point.
22 B) force rebuild of certain installed packages.
25 for b I see quite some solutions that are "nice" to use, a magic
26 "rebuild ( )" flag for the installed packages, or an update-script that
27 is executed or that the user is told to execute when they have installed
28 the new version of libpng.
30 a question that arise is "can we in the pkg_postinst() process force
31 emerge of some pieces of software?" or do we include an automagic
32 updater script?
34 or do we do it the "hard" way?
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