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From: Erik Hill <rinnan@×××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Problems with LiveCD
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 18:08:38
Message-Id: 1034550521.9127.16.camel@amigawannabe
1 I am a long-time Linux user and am interested in Gentoo, however, I am
2 having some trouble getting the UT Live CD to work. I have a "Shuttle
3 X" PC with 512MB RAM, an EDID compatible 17" monitor, an Nvidia Geforce
4 4 Ti 4200, and an 80GB harddrive. Normally, I run RedHat 8.0. I burned
5 the CD and then booted off of it. Logged in as "root", set no
6 password. Then typed "x-start" or whatever it was (will have to reboot
7 I suppose and write all this down). I selected from the options
8 presented, "800x600", "16-bit", "yes I'd like to load UT into RAM", and
9 "EDID compatible monitor". I also selected the Nvidia option that was
10 presented as the default. When X began to start, I got a screen-full of
11 garbage text instead of an X-windows session.. So I rebooted, and tried
12 another set of selections, to the same result. Now I've tried about 30
13 - 40 different combinations of options, including higher and lower
14 resolutions, setting my monitor's settings as if it weren't EDID, trying
15 all three of the various Nvidia options, and trying it without loading
16 UT into memory. But the result is always the same, although sometimes I
17 get color text and sometimes monochrome. Under RedHat 8.0, with the
18 NVIDIA drivers installed (from, and an XF86Config that
19 was created for me during the redhat installation process, I have an
20 X-Windows system that works, so I don't think it's hardware. (since
21 then I've tweaked the XF86Config file with higher-refresh-rate
22 Modelines, but it worked both before and after the tweaks) My video
23 card is made by MSI. I'd love to get this thing to work, and also hope
24 that by working through these problems can help gentoo with
25 compatibility, because I'd love to put gentoo on my machine.
27 Here are some questions.
29 #1 How can I track down this problem? Is there a way I can extract more
30 info on my hardware setup so I can perhaps find the problem? I wonder
31 if it's the AGP chipset used on the ShuttleX's motherboard? How could I
32 find out? (machine is this one
35 #2 is it possible to just get the already-patched source code to the
36 gentoo kernel? I'd love to start with that, and boot my redhat system
37 off of it. I want to use robert love's and ingo molnar's various
38 patches for speed and responsiveness. I tried to patch the kernel
39 myself, but the patches conflict with each other, and although I am a
40 programmer, am a little unwilling to dig into the linux kernel code not
41 knowing what I am doing. Especially since this has already been done by
42 people who (hopefully) know a lot more about the Linux kernel than me.
43 Maybe I can sneakily install package after package until my red-hat
44 system becomes a gentoo system. Course, may run into a conflict here
45 and there :)


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