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From: Dar-Klajid <Dar@××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] rsync-mirrors?
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 08:09:46
1 Hi there.
2 Some questions on the rsync mirrors... Is anyone allowed to host it,
3 whatever bandwidth he can offer?
4 Especially the T-Dialin-IP (already posted by someone else to this list)
5 and the with both 5!! max.
6 connections seem quite - useless...
7 In addition some hosts were down, but I don't know if they are down on a
8 regular base.
9 I'd suggest someone takes care foor the quality of these mirrors, since
10 they make up a great part of this distribution. If mirrors like this are
11 added to the round-robin I'm sure that most of the users start to
12 address single mirrors -> Makes the round-robin-balancing useless and
13 makes the load even worse on the "good" mirrors.
15 I'll write a little cronjob to check the hosts and write a log for me. I
16 hope someone can help me with this - well - strange hosts?
18 Spider? Daniel?
20 sh-2.05a$ host
21 has address
22 has address Georgia Tech College
23 has address no idea?
24 has address
25 has address <error .. down>
26 has address
27 has address
28 has address
29 has address T-Dialin? Huh?
30 has address no idea?
31 has address <no response .. down>
32 has address Brainpeddlers AS
33 has address d-attitude
34 has address
35 has address
36 has address


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