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From: Kumba <kumba@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Collecting opinions about GLEP 55 and alternatives
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 03:13:26
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Collecting opinions about GLEP 55 and alternatives by "Petteri Räty"
1 Petteri Räty wrote:
2 > Let's try something new. I would like to get opinions from as many
3 > people as possible about GLEP 55 and alternatives listed here in order
4 > to get some idea what the general developer pool thinks. Everyone is
5 > only allowed to post a single reply to this thread in order to make it
6 > easy to read through. The existing thread should be used for actual
7 > discussion about the GLEP and the alternatives. This should be a useful
8 > experiment to see if we can control ourselves :)
10 I was talking to Alec last night in -dev (yes, I'm still alive), and I tossed
11 out the idea of using metadata.xml instead of mangling the ebuild filename or
12 even sticking it as the first line in the ebuild (as a hashbang or something
13 gentoo-specific, for example).
15 It's nothing fully fleshed out, and I know parsing XML is about as much fun as
16 sticking your tongue into a cross-cut paper shredder, but I figured why not toss
17 it out there?
19 Add a tag like this to metadata.xml
21 <eapi pv="" version="1" />
23 pv = Package Version (incl. revision if needed).
24 v = EAPI version.
26 Other variants:
27 <eapi version="1">mips-sources-</eapi>
28 <eapi pv="">1</eapi>
30 and such.
32 This allows portage or whatever to associate the chosen/desired EAPI level with
33 a given ebuild version in portage (so the above examples would match
34 mips-sources-
36 I think there's some other magic going on after metadata is updated in portage,
37 like the whole use.local.desc auto-updating. I figure something like this could
38 also be implemented, maybe even in the same way whereby a backend script parses
39 this out and create a /usr/portage/profiles/eapi.list file that links package
40 revisions with the set eapi level. Then let the various package managers do
41 whatever it is that they do to make use of this information.
43 Call it random brainstorming. No idea on the pros & cons -- I haven't even
44 looked at g55 just yet.
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