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From: Zach Forrest <zach@××××××××××××××.ca>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ebuilder...
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:21:00
1 Good afternoon.
3 I know there's a new ebuild freeze (at least I think that's still the
4 case), but I thought this might interest some of you. Ebuilder is kind
5 of like mkebuild on steroids (ebuilder was, in fact, inspired by
6 mkebuild and uses a little bit of the code). It allows you to
7 interactively build a package *very* quickly (you can very often just
8 hit enter to proceed without having to fill anything in), giving you
9 reasonbly intelligent defaults. It has support for Python's Distutils,
10 has customizable templates (located in ~/.ebuilder/templates after
11 you've run ebuilder for the first time), and a config utility so you
12 don't have to edit the config file by hand. There are currently two
13 templates: one for beginners (this template is based on skel.ebuild) and
14 one for people who want the bare bones. The config utility asks you
15 which one you'd prefer to use. You are also prompted to insert some of
16 the lesser used ebuild methods such as pkg_preinst() and the like when
17 you are creating your ebuild.
19 Caveat: the ebuilder-0.2.ebuild required customization in the
20 src_install() method, but that's it. Currently there is no support for
21 using the likes of dosbin, dodir, etc. However, the package archive is
22 searched for files commonly installed in /usr/share/doc/... and will put
23 those into the ebuild file for you.
25 This is probably a good candidate for gentoolkit.
27 Have fun.
29 zach
31 P.S. If the ebuild freeze is over, please let me know so I can submit
32 this to bugzilla.


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