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From: gerrynjr <gerrynjr@×××××××××××.net>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] the vision for Gentoo
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 13:16:01
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] the vision for Gentoo by Daniel Robbins
1 > 1) What engages and inspires us?
2 Well, I am similar to you in this respect, drobbins. I prefer to teach myself,
3 to explore by myself, to break things, and then fix them.
4 Gentoo provides that environment to the greatest degree, and is thus why
5 I use it. I like working and engaging myself with people of many
6 different backgrounds and cultures, and Gentoo allows me to do this.
7 However, I also feel that more user Input should be taken into
8 consideration when making critical decisions. (This email topic is a
9 great step toward this.)
11 As I previously stated, I like breaking things. I used to be part of a
12 what Mandrake called "The Crash-testers." It was a private list that
13 included people from around the world. Basically, we would test new
14 packages, new Ideas, as well as stress test existing ones. We became a
15 type of Quality Assurance Team, at least until our supervisor was let
16 off.
18 I for one an interested in most alternative technical things. I'm
19 interested in security, PC architecture, alternative operating systems,
20 and new ideas.
22 > 2) How do we formulate this "excitement/spirit" into a collective vision for
23 > Gentoo?
25 I feel it would be difficult to formulate a "collective" opinion until
26 we receive many more opinions on the matter, otherwise it isn't really a
27 collective spirit. I see Gentoo as quite possibly the future of Linux
28 meta-distributions, and the coming ability to choose a kernel, even if
29 it isn't Linux.. is a great thing.
31 As for a straight out vision, it would be difficult to formulate one, as
32 gentoo's current one meets my expectation somewhat.
34 > 3) How do we best implement this vision?
36 I can see how becoming a non-profit org may comfort many people, it
37 guarantees that their work (volunteer work, etc.) is preserved and
38 not taken advantage of. It may provide some protections. For the most
39 part, I could care less if it's a non-profit, but if becoming one makes
40 more people feel comfortable with helping out... that changes things.
42 --Gerry Normandin
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