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From: Sven Vermeulen <swift@g.o>
To: gentoo-doc@l.g.o, gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Stepping aside...
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 19:19:47
1 Hi all
3 It is with deep regret that I want to inform you about my decision to step
4 down from the position of Gentoo Documentation lead.
6 Over the years, the Gentoo Documentation Project has grown, evolved and
7 matured to what it is today: a well functioning documentation-machine
8 devoted to the ongoing development and maintenance of Gentoo's
9 documentation. Many resources are referring to our documentation to show
10 others how things should be done.
12 Such appreciation isn't due to a single individual, but because of an entire
13 team of coördinators, editors, authors, translators and contributors. In my
14 time as translator (first), editor (second) and lead (until present) I have
15 always appreciated the friendlyness and helpfulness of this entire
16 community.
18 In my position as documentation lead, I tried to keep the project on track,
19 managing subprojects where possible and help shed some light on obscure or
20 difficult problems that arose during the documentation development (no,
21 "editing" isn't all that the GDP does). I hope that I did this well, at
22 least I have not heard differently.
24 However, leading a project also requires high availability; e-mails should
25 be followed-up quickly, conversations with team members must happen (even if
26 not scheduled), hotfixes must be committed as soon as possible, etc. When I
27 was a student, free time wasn't scarce (I didn't follow that much lectures -
28 yes, "bad, bad me") so I could devote much time to Gentoo.
30 Lately, because my work now doesn't leave me much time (not that the work is
31 extremely demanding, but it's 2.5h away from home and I don't have Internet
32 access on the train), I found myself in a position where I wasn't able to
33 talk to my fellow GDP (and other Gentoo) developers or contribute to the
34 interesting topics in #gentoo or other Gentoo related chat channels.
36 This situation won't improve much in the first few months, or perhaps even
37 year, until I settle somewhere more closely to my job. For this reason, I
38 have decided not to take on the lead position anymore.
40 I will remain a member of the Gentoo Documentation Project, hacking away at
41 guides such as that bootstrapping one and the Gentoo Handbook, but I hand
42 the coördination over to Xavier Neys who was virtually leading the GDP
43 anyway and does seem to find a good balance between real-life and
44 Gentoo-life :)
46 For those who wonder, this shouldn't affect any other responsibilities I
47 have within Gentoo, including Foundation and Council, as most of that work
48 happens off-line anyway or at scheduled IRC meetings. However, I can imagine
49 that some developers voted for me for my position rather than my person. If
50 there is a (large) demand for it, I have no problems in attempting to get
51 re-elected for those positions (or stepping down if I am not).
53 With kind regards (yes, that's what "Wkr" stands for),
55 Sven Vermeulen
57 --
58 Gentoo Foundation Trustee |
59 Gentoo Council Member
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