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From: christian.hartmann@×××××.de
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: GLEP 38: Status of forum moderators in the Gentoo project
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 07:57:56
1 Lance Albertson:
2 > > I'm just getting ansty about all these new people we're bringing
3 > > on and the security behind it. Thats my main concern at this point, not
4 > > whether your work is more or less than a regular developer.
6 Andrea Barisani:
7 > Seriously security_wise and admin_wise I don't see shell access useful neither
8 > appropriate imho.
9 > Btw how many forums moderators are we talking about?
11 I know what you're talking about. I usually don't like to give ppl shell access to boxes I'm in charge of. I'm kinda paranoid on this one. ;)
12 But it's just about 10 more accounts. Knowing that toucan and all the other infrastructure servers are pretty locked down and knowing that most of us are really aware of security (keeping your ssh-keys in a secure place; use stong passwords; lock down boxes; don't run weird scripts on servers, etc.) I don't see a problem here. We are very careful about whom to give the permissions to moderate the forum. Before granting them access to moderate (as in moving, deleting, editing etc) the forum we have a close look at the ppl so that we can make sure they don't do something nasty with their permissions.
14 If anybody does something nasty on toucan just lock his/her account. - But that should be a rule for everyone having shell access.
16 > OK, I'm with you on the security thing (being one that would prefer a
17 > USE=clientonly flag, remember, tho I understand the reasons behind not
18 > doing it), but I DO know there's quite the occasional use for someplace to
19 > host scripts, patchlets, and sample config files for reference from
20 > forums/news/lists/irc, that I've personally found useful, that others
21 > would like to see as well.
23 That is what I had in mind. Hosting sample configuration files etc.
25 Andrea Barisani:
26 > Would devwiki (or something like that) access for hosting files be acceptable?
28 It's not yet made public, is it? I don't really care about having shell access on toucan. I usually prefer hosting stuff on my server so that I've got it all in one place. All I'd like to bring up is that I'd like to have a real mailbox rather than just a mail forwarder.
30 > Btw how many forums moderators are we talking about?
31 ~10
33 Thanks for your feedback btw,
34 Christian Hartmann (ian!)
36 ps: webmailers suck ;)
39 --
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