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From: David Nielsen <Lovechild@××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [ANNOUNCE] Ebuild Janitor project
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 16:30:47
1 Greeting fellow gentoo'ers
3 It is my pride and pleasure to announce the formation of the Ebuild
4 Janitor Project, as the name implies the objective is to being sanity to
5 the state of the ebuild collection, and it was started primarily to sort
6 out some of the ebuild bloat that some users where complaining about,
7 mainly by enforcing stricter use of the USE flag variables.
8 For more information and debate see the announce thread:
11 We currently have about 9 people actively working to improve ebuilds,
12 and all our work can be viewed at (don't
13 laugh at the URL, it was free).
15 The team however quickly discovered the need for even more USE flags,
16 and this caused some debating on how to handle this, and along the
17 fixing a few bugs in Portage was also discovered related to the eclasses
18 and IUSE - basically it seems that if you inherit from an eclass the
19 IUSE variable doesn't get inherited as IUSE="${IUSE}", it is empty. More
20 on this issue in this thread
22 Developer answers if any would kindly be directed to:
25 Another issue is how to handle the debug flag, there's a growing feeling
26 that this should be a FEATURE flag instead, since declaring
27 --disable-debug and setting -g in each ebuild is rather tiresome.
29 Again, developer input would be nice inorder to resolve this issue:
31 We also have some debating going on as to improving the overall state of
32 USE flags vs. Portage which might be of interest.
35 Kind regards
36 Lovechild - David Nielsen
39 --
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