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From: Eric Noack <eric.noack@×××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] which contribution prefered - to gentoo or to project itself?
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 18:36:25
1 Hi there. i have a question about a to-be patch to pcmcia-cs.
3 while providing almost any pcmcia driver as well as
4 patched orinoco drivers, for example, i think most gentoo people choose
5 pcmcia-cs drivers over kernel pcmcia support.
7 however unfortunately i needed support for an isdn pcmcia card, and
8 pcmcia-cs has no isdn support or drivers at all.
10 on the other side, adding the support to pcmcia_cs is as easy as copying a single driver file
11 (something_cs.c) from linux/drivers/isdn/hisax/ into the pcmcia-cs source tree
12 and add it to the make file, if only the kernel hisax driver has been compiled with support
13 for the pcmcia chip
15 (which is possible without enabling kernel pcmcia, only the carddriver itself
16 cant be compiled without)
18 so it would be easy to write a patch to pcmcia_cs that would check whether the kernel has
19 isdn and hisax support, and which pcmcia-chip-protocols have been compiled into the hisax driver,
20 and copy & compile the needed *_cs.c from the hisax dir
22 however this "patch" could be completely provided by a modified ebuild, maybe with support for an
23 "isdn" USEflag or such, too, eventually more easily than modifying the pcmcia_cs configure script
25 so before writing this modification as either a patch to pcmcia_cs or the ebuild or both (ebuild that adds the patch)
27 what do you think would be prefered?
29 Eric
31 --
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