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From: Christian Gut <cycloon@×××××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Mozilla: Firebird-bin & Firebird-cvs
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 09:49:51
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Mozilla: Firebird-bin & Firebird-cvs by Dhruba Bandopadhyay
On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 03:14, Dhruba Bandopadhyay wrote:

> With the release of firebird 0.6 many changes are being pondered. > > - migration of bin & cvs packages and executable to new name > - conflict with firebird-db > - src_uri from change > - firebird-bin deprecation in favour of firebird-cvs > - official maintainers of both bin and cvs (cvs bug has been assigned > but bin bug has not) > > Since I've not seen much activity or talk by devs on the above issues I > thought I'd ask what their intentions were and what might take shape in > the near future regarding mozilla et al. -src and -bin ebuilds in there.. one uses MozillaFirebird as name allready... would recommend this, too -- Christian Gut <cycloon@×××××××.org>


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