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From: Rumi Szabolcs <rumi_ml@××××.hu>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] gentoo kernel patches
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 22:50:30
1 Hello!
3 I was trying to figure out which patches are applied to the
4 stock kernel for the various gentoo kernels, but in the
5 "Gentoo Linux Kernel Guide" I couldn't find any details on
6 that. I found a suspicious file in the kernel tree though:
7 /usr/src/linux/patches.txt (xfs-sources) This one really
8 seems like that what I'm looking for, but using Google & co
9 I wasn't able to find anything that would confirm that.
10 Can anybody provide me with some info on that?
12 Thanks!
14 Regards,
15 Szabolcs Rumi
17 --
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