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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] linux-sources packages
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 22:17:34
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] linux-sources packages by
1 On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 12:07:07AM -0400, pbg1854@×××××××××××××××.edu wrote:
3 > I've been working on cleaning up the linux-sources package... I've
4 > made it completely remove the extras subdirectory (where alsa-driver
5 > and the other stuff were) before moving the sources it to
6 > ${D}/usr/src. I dont think they're really needed since you shouldnt
7 > have to rebuild them just because you change your kernel config.
9 For linux-sources, the extras directory is needed for those who want
10 to install alsa-driver by hand (like me). For the linux package, I
11 don't think it's needed.
13 > also set CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y in the config, since it seems like the
14 > alsa driver requires it to build properly.
16 Yes, the current config is more of a placeholder than anything and needs
17 work.
19 > I'm going to commit my changes as linux-sources- and
20 > linux-sources- Please take a look at them, since I might have
21 > broken something. Oh, and one other thing... I've been getting a ton of
22 > unresolved symbols in the alsa modules when running depmod. This happened
23 > before and after I made any changes to the ebuild scripts, and I don't know
24 > why it happens. Could you guy give me some hints?
26 Not sure -- I'll be working on the kernels when 2.4.4 comes out. I want
27 to avoid 2.4.3 due to Justin Gibbs' new aic7xxx SCSI driver code (needs
28 a compile fix and other minor fixes). Right now, I'm running 2.4.2 with
29 recent ReiserFS patches from
31 A note for Gentoo Linux developers: ReiserFS before 2.4.2 had numerous
32 problems. We all thought it was stable enough until the namesys people and
33 others found lots of bugs -- which are all now hopefully fixed. This means
34 that if you have been upgrading your kernel as you go, it's likely that your
35 reiserfs filesystems are a bit icky. Make a note of this and backup any
36 critical data asap. Please remember that Gentoo Linux is still in "testing"
37 mode and shouldn't be used in a production environment unless you're willing to
38 deal with issues like this. This will change when 1.0 is released.
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