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From: Pelux <pelux@××××××××××.it>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] netscape plugins....
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 13:10:31
1 Why there is'nt use variables for mozilla, netscape, phoenix, opera,
2 konqueror and so on? I think that now portage checks if a determinated
3 browser is installed and then install the plugin for it (as for all the
4 browsers already installed at the installation of the plugin).
5 But when a prog "support" a feature (another pro, like mozilla support
6 fot gkt for example) , should'nt this be solved by the use varibales?
7 Is'nt this a "hack" ?
8 Thanks. :)
10 Pelux
13 --
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