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From: (Achim Gottinger)
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Bug report, Portage question, No sources included
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 17:15:22
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Bug report, Portage question, No sources included by Justin Vander Ziel
Justin Vander Ziel wrote:

> The following were included with a message that I e-mailed directly to > Daniel Robbins and he asked me to post. BUG report in order of > (percieved) importance (Gentoo 1.0rc3 ISO image). > 1. the modprobe line in the modules init file in /etc/rc.d/init.d/ > does not > parse the entire line which it should do especially for the alsa-sound > > module. I fixed the line that reads "modprobe ${1}" to read "modprobe > ${*}" > and that seems to have fixed it for me; my alsa-sound modules load > now. > ** this one has already been fixed in the CVS tree by Daniel according > to his response. > 2. dependency check in the alsa-libs package requires kernel > >2.4.0-test11 > which will obviously not work with the recommended and included > configuration. > 3. the automount daemon dies as soon as it is loaded.the error message > from /var/log/daemon.log is: > "lookup(file):cannot open parse modules sun > (/usr/lib/autofs// cannot open shared object file: no > such file or directory)" > * I was unable to locate the file anywhere on my system.* > the autofs4 daemon requires the alias "alias autofs autofs4" to be in > the modules.conf according to Jeremy Fitzhardings' readme in the > autofs download page (see ). > However inserting the alias did not fix the above problem for me > assuming for some strange reason that the missing file complaint was > misguided. There is a newer daemon package version > autofs-4.0.0pre9.tar.gz in the above directory which I hope to try > out.Question about Portage, et al. > > This is fixed now !! > > Use autofs-3.1.7-r1.ebuild and it works. > > Bye Achim > > After having read through some comparisons of the various software > management options here , here > and finally in the > freshmeat article I feel like I have at least a general idea of where > Portage is going. I have a couple of questions I am hoping someone in > this list would answer for me* I have a slow dialup connection and I > often download the software I need at work where I have a T1 and > either carry it home on a Syquest 200Mb cartridge or burn a CD for > myself there (which is how I got Gentoo in the first place). I'm not > sure I am ever going to want to rsync my distro because I don't see a > way of determining how long it's going to take without running an > audit of my system. Any suggestions?* What is the difference between > Portage and e-build? Where does one begin and the other start? I'm > familiar with Daniel's article that was posted on IBM about the > e-build system > (* Perhaps > I'm thinking in Microsoft mode here. My question is, is there an > uninstall script ready now for ebuild? The autofs included with rc3 > seems to be missing the library file so I wanted to > uninstall it and install the later version from the source code. I > could list the files from the tbz2 file and do it by hand or I've even > considered writing a script to do it for me but this seems to be a > logical piece of the puzzle that is missing. (is that why this is > called a beta release? B ) From the Digest Jerry A! > <jerry@×××××××.org> wrote: > >Can we please have pcmcia support in the default kernel? It's a real > > >pain having to install off the CD and then build a new kernel, put it > on > >floppy and then move to that to the machine in question. It'll be a > >bigger pain if that laptop ends up being my only working machine. > 8( Unless you're thinking of modules, I think it would be better to > include a few kernel variations and the dd command in the boot cd. I > thought it was odd that this was omitted anyways. I had to create a > boot disk in Windows using rawrite. (well actually, I learned later > that I really was able to install grub from the grub prompt on the CD. > Since I had never used GRUB and always LILO, this business was all new > to me then.) Thomas Flavel <thomasfl@××××××××××××.uk> wrote: > >Glad to see there's finally a mailing list, now I can bug everyone > and > >not just Daniel personally... ;)Ditto for me.>Hmm, I recall asking if > rc3 could have gcc and the kernel source > >available from the boot cd - I see the kernel source code is in the > >packages directory, but I think there may have been a > >mis-communication...Actually I may be looking in the wrong place, but > all that I found in /usr/src/linux were the kernel headers which were > installed with sys.tbz2 - but no source code. Actually, I did not find > source code ANYWHERE which surprised me given the idea behind this > distro to roll your own. Or perhaps I misunderstood and the idea is to > UPDATE with source code?? (See my first question) Or perhaps, even > worse, I'm more of a newbie than I think. >I actually meant that gcc > be executable from boot.img so that a kernel can be compiled directly > from the boot cd > >(onto ramfs presumably, unless you mount anything else) without > having to install anything to a hard disk - I for one would find >this > very useful, and I'm surprised I haven't seen any other distros do > this. This sounds like a logical extension of the Portage system and a > good idea to me, too. Nuff said, perhaps too much. Justin Vander > Zielmailto:zielot@××××××××××.com