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From: Klavs Klavsen <kl@××××.dk>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] turck-mmcache ebuild
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 08:57:39
1 Hi guys,
3 For those of you running mod_php, I finally took the time to make an
4 turck-mmcache ebuild.
6 FYI, turck mmcache is a php-accelerator - just as phpaccelerator is -
7 but in my experience I've gotten 60% better performance on f.ex. *Nuke
8 php. And it's also GPL which phpaccelerator is not.
10 It's on
12 I was wondering how these ebuilds go about getting added? as of now,
13 it's in a Works For Me State (and works - fine I've just upgraded the
14 ebuild so the newest version is there too) - and I would very much like
15 to see it included in the three. I'm certain there are many people who
16 could use this - and it's a very simple ebuild, and I'd gladly support
17 and continuously update it.
19 --
20 Regards,
21 Klavs Klavsen, GSEC - kl@××××.dk -
22 PGP: 7E063C62/2873 188C 968E 600D D8F8 B8DA 3D3A 0B79 7E06 3C62
23 See my new hosting service at
25 Working with Unix is like wrestling a worthy opponent.
26 Working with windows is like attacking a small whining child
27 who is carrying a .38.


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