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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] New sys-kernel tree layout
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 10:03:36
1 Hi all,
3 We now have a new arrangement in Portage's sys-kernel tree.
4 sys-kernel/linux-sources no longer exists, and has been replaced with
5 the following consistently-named selection of kernel source packages:
7 gentoo-sources:
9 The gentoo-sources ebuild is our replacement for our previous
10 linux-sources ebuild. It contains a "custom" Gentoo Linux kernel source
11 tree, optimized for server performance and desktop responsiveness. We
12 try to ensure that this kernel is very fast and stable and we recommend
13 this kernel for most people. However, XFS support is no longer included
14 in this kernel. If you use XFS, use sys-kernel/xfs-sources.
16 vanilla-sources:
18 The vanilla-sources ebuild installs a "mainline" kernel source tree,
19 giving you the exact same thing as if you downloaded a stock kernel from
20 It will be handy for those who use stock kernel source tree
21 -- now you can merge this kernel, and have a kernel source tree
22 installed to /usr/src automatically.
24 usermode-sources:
26 This usermode-sources ebuild installs mainline sources that have been
27 patched to support user-mode Linux (a special technology that allows you
28 to run "Linux inside Linux.")
30 xfs-sources:
32 The xfs-sources ebuild installs sources that support XFS; specifically,
33 this ebuild contains a CVS snapshot of SGI's own XFS source tree. In
34 the future, we may add other minor (and stable) performance-enhancing
35 patches as well. We've found that using a SGI XFS CVS shapshot is the
36 best way to go if you're going to use the XFS filesystem. If any of
37 your Gentoo Linux filesystems are XFS, then, you'll need to use this
38 kernel.
40 openmosix-sources:
42 The openmosix-sources ebuild installs a kernel source tree that has been
43 specially patched with support for the GPL openMosix clustering and
44 load- balancing technology. For more info, see
47 I hope you find the new layout more intuitive. All ebuilds work
48 similarly and will install a kernel source tree to a directory inside
49 /usr/src and will set the /usr/src/linux symlink to point to this
50 directory. We also plan to add a greater selection of kernels in the
51 future -- even customized kernels from other distributions like Mandrake
52 and Red Hat.
54 Best Regards,
56 --
57 Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
58 Chief Architect/President
59 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.


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