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From: Sven Blumenstein <bazik@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo featured in "The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines"
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:53:12
1 Hi,
2 I just found the following paper, written by IDA ("Interchange of Data
3 between Administrators") posted on a German newspage:
7 Its a (IMO) very good written paper about OpenSource alternatives to various
8 subjects like for example:
10 - Office
11 - Mail
12 - Calendaring and Groupware
13 - Web Access
14 - Document Management
15 - Databases
16 - Anti-Virus
17 - Anti-Spam
18 - VPN, DNS, Printing, LDAP, Samba as Windows PDC etc...
20 And as mentioned in the subject of this Mail, they also mention Gentoo.
21 Quote from Page 47 of the paper:
23 "There are other Distributions such as Debian and Gentoo which are not prepared
24 by a commercial organisation and this has implications for the way in which
25 support is provided.
27 Support for these distributions comes either from third parties or from access
28 to mailing lists on the Internet. Both of these can provide acceptable levels
29 of cover.
31 Debian has a reputation for solidity and its stable section contains code which
32 has been thoroughly tested by many people world wide. There are also two other
33 sections providing increasing levels of leading edge software. The stable branch
34 also has the reputation of being out of date. This is unfair to some extent
35 because most commercial users are principally interested in stability and lack
36 of bugs, and not whether the latest peripheral can be supported.
38 Gentoo is a source-only distribution, which means that the Administration can
39 build its own binaries easily, tailoring the Distribution to their environment
40 and hardware. Building such a distribution from scratch is time consuming but
41 once the binaries have been built they are available generally. This is a new
42 distribution and is worth considering. Because most other Distributions are
43 supplied with full source code, it is possible to tailor any of them the same way;
44 Gentoo, however, may be more amenable to such treatment."
46 By the way, those are the only two non-commercial distributions they mention :)
48 Regards,
49 Sven Blumenstein
50 Gentoo Linux/Sparc
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