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From: Mike Gilbert <floppym@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] python.eclass: export pkg_setup
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2012 03:36:01
python.eclass currently exports the pkg_setup function under the
following circumstances:

EAPI 2, 3: When ${PYTHON_USE_WITH} or ${PYTHON_USE_WITH_OR} are defined.
EAPI 4: Always exported.

I would like to modify python.eclass to export pkg_setup
unconditionally, rather than checking EAPI and random variables. This
will make the eclass behave more consistently, which seems like a good

This may cause problems in ebuilds which inherit python after another
eclass which exports pkg_setup if the ebuild does not override pkg_setup
itself. For example:

inherit fortran-2 python

With a bit of hackery in (thanks to Arfrever), I have compiled
a list of ebulids which may need to be modified. This will generally
mean reordering the eclasses in the inherit line, or defining a
pkg_setup function in the ebuild.

Barring any objections, I will make any necessary modifications to these
ebuilds over the next week or so, and commit the change to python.eclass
next weekend. If anyone has a better idea for rolling this out, please
speak up. :)

Here is the list of ebuilds, along with the pkg_setup function being

app-portage/maintainer-helper-0.1.2: qt4_pkg_setup
dev-python/pypy-1.7: check-reqs_pkg_setup
media-plugins/mythnetvision-0.23.1_p26407: mythtv-plugins_pkg_setup
sci-chemistry/pdb-tools-0.1.4-r3: fortran-2_pkg_setup
sci-chemistry/pdb2pqr-1.5.0-r2: fortran-2_pkg_setup
sci-chemistry/pdb2pqr-1.7.0: fortran-2_pkg_setup
sci-libs/libsvm-2.90-r1: java-pkg-opt-2_pkg_setup
sci-libs/libsvm-3.0: java-pkg-opt-2_pkg_setup
sci-physics/camfr-20070717-r2: fortran-2_pkg_setup
www-apache/mod_wsgi-3.3: apache_pkg_setup
www-apps/venus-20100911: webapp_pkg_setup

games-puzzle/pythonsudoku-0.13: games_pkg_setup
games-rpg/pylotro-0.1.14: games_pkg_setup
media-libs/portmidi-217: java-pkg-opt-2_pkg_setup


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