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From: John Davis <zhen@g.o>
To: Grant Goodyear <g2boojum@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] What are Gentoo releases?
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 01:39:05
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In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] What are Gentoo releases? by Grant Goodyear
1 On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 14:01, Grant Goodyear wrote:
2 > Dear all,
3 > I would like to get a discussion rolling about what, exactly,
4 > constitutes a Gentoo release, and what we want to accomplish with any
5 > given release. I'm forwarding (with Aron's permission) an e-mail that
6 > agriffis sent to -releng describing his view about what our release
7 > process currently is. I believe that this description does describe
8 > the current process reasonably well, but perhaps some may disagree.
9 > More important, is this process what we _want_ our release process to
10 > be? Gentoo "releases" are different from those of any other
11 > distribution, inasmuch as the "version" of Gentoo that a user is
12 > running (meaning what collection of packages are on the user's
13 > machine) depends on what *hour* Gentoo was installed, so from a
14 > technical standpoint the "release" has more to do with the
15 > installation medium than anything else. At the same time, it is
16 > important to recognize that releases also serve a public-relations
17 > purpose. Take a look at OpenBSD's recent release,
18 > The "What's New" section of that page
19 > is fairly extensive, and distrowatch and other news sites have
20 > provided OpenBSD with a fair amount of coverage about their new release.
21 > Even if we maintain a calendar-based release system, should we also
22 > be striving to make releases goal-oriented as well? If so, how do we
23 > go about doing so?
24 >
25 > Some thoughts,
26 > g2boojum
27 >
29 Grant (and all) -
30 This is one of those questions that we (releng) have been working on as
31 of late :) At the last releng meeting, we brought this up and had some
32 pretty decent discussion about it.
34 Releng came to a consensus of what we believe a Gentoo release is.
35 Basically, it is not too far from what you are talking about. The way
36 Gentoo is setup it is pretty natural to release the way that we do.
37 Since Gentoo users are always up-to-date, they really have no need for
38 upgrade type installation media. The media that matters to them is
39 initial install media, such as LiveCDs, stages, and GRP. Building stages
40 and GRP on a quarterly basis keeps the media up-to-date and users happy.
41 LiveCDs don't necessarily need to be built quarterly (once we stabilize
42 them), and that is an option that we are exploring.
44 Now, where does this leave features? Aron had a good point - why do we
45 have features for 2004.2? What releng decided is that that releng
46 features affect releng release media. Looking at the finalized release
47 feature list for .2 ( you
48 will see that all of the features are media-centric. Releng decided that
49 it would not be fair for us to dictate deadlines for features to other
50 projects besides our own. Releng dictating a release deadline to the
51 Portage team for example would be ridiculous because we are so
52 unattached from their development process. Portage is an integral part
53 of Gentoo, but releng really shouldn't have say over how they manage
54 their own project (and part of management is features). Also, this gives
55 releng the time and manpower to explore other cool things such as X
56 LiveCDs, GameCDs, and other neat things (wireless router livecds?).
58 This doesn't mean that those projects can't coincide their features with
59 our release schedule. If they want to, that is great because we can use
60 it as a marketing point :) As long as they can have the feature done on
61 time for release, I am game, and would be more than happy to give it as
62 much PR as we can.
64 So basically, we can synthesize goal oriented releases and time based
65 releases to fit Gentoo. I don't think that using one or the other
66 exclusively would really do us much good. Perhaps a good addition would
67 be a Product Manager, like klieber brought up. This position (which
68 would not be part of releng but rather above, part of metastructure
69 perhaps?) could manage non-releng feature coincidence with our release
70 schedule.
72 Give releng some time and we will get there. A discussion like this one
73 is a step in the right direction though :) Thanks for listening ;)
75 Cheers,
76 //zhen
78 BTW - All of this is being presented to managers on Monday ;)
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