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From: Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] A parting gift
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 08:16:16
1 Hello!
3 I have become increasingly unreliable concerning my activities within
4 the Gentoo developer community during the last year. Now I finally
5 arrived at the point where I consider the only reasonable solution to
6 leave the Gentoo team. The final drop has been the fact that I
7 promised Sebastian the next layman release. But week after week I did
8 not find the time to work on the next version thus failing the
9 promise.
11 With my commercial endeavours within the Kolab and Horde communities
12 thriving I have to be realistic: The workload won't suddenly fade
13 during the next year(s?). I would have liked to include Gentoo into
14 the portfolio I get paid for but I was unable to achieve that. Chances
15 are that I would be even less responsive concerning Gentoo in the
16 future.
18 This is no easy decision for me as I do like Gentoo and feel strongly
19 for some of the stuff I did for Gentoo. It is not easy to drop these
20 projects. I would have made the choice earlier in order to clarify the
21 situation if I would not care that much about Gentoo. But I left
22 people with an unresponsive maintainer this way and I'm sorry for
23 that.
25 There is one final thing I'd like to leave as a parting gift to the
26 Gentoo community.
28 As some of you may know I wrote a german book about Gentoo. When I
29 initially started the project I asked the publisher if there would be
30 any possibility to produce a free version of that book, too. Writing
31 about free software feels strange to me if the things I write are not
32 free. But books are not software and I had to accept the commercial
33 realities of the project at that time.
35 But I mentioned above that things for my little one-man-company are
36 going well and so I did buy the rights to my book back. It has now
37 been published under a free license and is available for download at
41 The latex source for the book is here:
45 Time to say goodbye. Sigh...
48 --
49 Gunnar Wrobel Gentoo Developer
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