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From: Grant Goodyear <g2boojum@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] NFP lack of progress
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 23:55:32
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] NFP lack of progress by Brian Harring
1 Brian Harring wrote: [Fri Jan 20 2006, 10:42:39AM CST]
2 > Email's pretty simple- from where I'm sitting, there doesn't seem to
3 > be any actual progress on trustees issues.
5 That's a pretty good synopsis.
7 > 1) Copyright assignment. Check the nfp archives, last comment is sep
8 > 26th, seems to be totally dead.
9 >
11 My understanding is that we do have a draft copyright assignment
12 form prepared, but because any sane discussion about it involves
13 allowing the legal types to interact with foundation members, the
14 thought was that we needed a separate, private, opt-in list for
15 discussion, and that was never set up, so nothing has moved on this
16 issue. (Also, I believe that we are still waiting on hearing back
17 from the legal folks as to what needs to be discussed on the private
18 list, and what can be in public. After all, the document itself
19 will need to be public eventually!)
21 > 2) bylaws. They're proposed. About it. Last update to the bylaws
22 > doc was 10/24/05,
24 In principle, they need to be voted on. In reality, I'm in no hurry
25 since we haven't been around very long to see if the proposed bylaws
26 are really what we need.
28 > 3) quarterly filings. We've got 2nd quarter '05 up
29 > (04/01/05-07/30/05). Where's 3rd? 4th actually being worked upon?
30 > I'm assuming the pages haven't been posted but the paperwork (whatever
31 > there may be) has been handled.
33 There actually is no paperwork (legally, that is), because our income is
34 such that no paperwork is required. From an ethical standard, however,
35 we of course should be posting that info. Cshields?
37 4) Relocating the NFP to Delaware. Dostrow is working on it, but
38 there has been no progress to date.
40 5) Wildcard SSL certificate for infra (bug #117837).
41 Kurt is pushing that through, and I assume it will pass. It's darn
42 pricy, but it' not clear that there is really a good alternative.
44 > Additionally, bank transfer is underway, but donnie is responsive on
45 > it so not raising it as an issue.
47 > 1) where we're _actually_ at on these issues.
49 See above.
51 > 2) who is working on what
53 I'm supposed to be pushing people to get things done. It's been
54 rather like pushing a rope (people are busy, real life interferes,
55 and this stuff is amazingly boring), and all-in-all I've done a lousy
56 job of it. During the last multiple months I've been spending most of
57 my time trying to switch careers (which I've now done, starting
58 tomorrow), so I also have not contributed much recently.
60 I won't run again for the foundation, since it's now clear that IP
61 and budget discussions bore me to tears, and I'm not doing a great job
62 motivating people.
64 > 3) what _exact_ issues are holding folks up.
66 I would say that it's more an issue of nothing being sufficiently urgent
67 to spur people to actually finish anything right now.
69 > 4) what is being done to resolve the hold ups.
71 Various people keep prodding the Trustees asking if anything is actually
72 going to be done. I'm not sure that it's helping, but it certainly
73 isn't hurting anything.
75 > 5) What actual progress/work has been done thus far (no, don't need to
76 > document something publically viewable like "wrote bylaws")
77 > 6) A rough schedule of when things are going to be accomplished. Not
78 > asking for hard figures, but if you're held up by X, I'd like to know
79 > when you expect X to be done so we can gauge how things are going.
81 I don't have a good answer here, since I believe that the hangups are
82 all personal, not technical.
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