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From: Sven Vermeulen <swift@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] I'm "frilled" to present to you, a new Gentoo developer
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 05:27:20
... which brings the German Conspiracy at 38. His nick is "frilled", but in
real life you'll call him "Giesen, Wolf Giesen". Shaken, not stirred. And
you'll call him that in the IT department of "Aschendorff Medien", publisher
of the "Westfälische Nachrichten", whatever that is.

You're probably all wondering what he's good at. He likes animals, so might
make a good nanny for jforman's goats. And if klieber trained them well
during the holidays, frilled will not need a dog to shepHerd them. Which is
good, actually, 'cause he isn't all that fond of dogs anyway. Sorry beandog,
no cookies for you.

He's good in languages too. German and English are two of them, C is another
good one. More evil languages he speaks are C++, Perl, PHP and ba(sh) not to
speak of the Sum of All Fears, Java. But programming isn't really his thing.

No, he's better in speaking in public if I may interprete "Public Relations"
as such. Another journalist - we will all watch more security related
articles in the GWN. If not, we'll drop Larry on him. Another animal he
likes. Makes me wonder if the feeling is mutual.

Oh, in Gentoo, he's going to work in the Security Team, so jaervosz has
finally found himself another pet slave. Sorry Koon, you'll have to share
Sune now. Will he show some tricks from the Ruhrgebiet, or rather from his
current location - Münster?

As you all might have guessed, he mentioned his first computer (TRS-80) in
his introduction, but I wasn't impressed. The older their computer, the
older their mind. Look paps, no hands!

Anyway, he loves books and movies too - as well as a good beer. If you ever
find the time, come over to Belgium and I'll show you what *real* beers are

You get a good 'old welcome from me, Wolf. Welcome.

      Sven Vermeulen

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