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Subject: [gentoo-dev] New Developer: Lukasz Damentko
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 22:13:06
Message-Id: 20050908221040.GA14158@kloeri
1 Hi all.
3 It's my pleasure to announce our new polish lead translator Lukasz
4 Damentko (rane). Lukasz was already announced in GWN a while back but
5 here's how Lukasz introduces himself :)
7 "I was born 13th September 1984 in Poland, Warsaw and still live here.
8 My programing and scripting skills rather aren't worth mentioning. I
9 can handle writing www page in xhtml and php and do "hello world" in
10 about of 8 languages.
11 Can also write pretty good in polish so i'm doing such job for Gentoo by
12 translating its docs. I wasn't part of any bigger project yet, so I'm
13 double happy that somebody found me useful. In game called real life i'm
14 yet another student of Warsaw University of Technology, waste most of
15 time on computers, and also really like football, both watching and
16 playing or some decent reading, not necessarily computer-related. That's
17 all, maybe not much, but if you need more info, you can always poke me
18 on IRC."
20 Please welcome Lukasz if you haven't already done so (I'm sure he wont
21 mind a repeat welcome either :)
23 Regards,
24 Bryan Østergaard
26 --
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