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From: Matthew Bloch <matthew@×××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo Linux hosting offered for Gentoo development
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 01:10:11
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4 Hello all,
6 I'm a director at Bytemark, a Linux hosting company who offer low-cost
7 User-mode Linux hosts, like co-location only cheaper (15ukp or $25ish per
8 month). Currently we offer Debian and another popular commercial distro and
9 I'm keen to offer Gentoo as an option, because a few people are interested
10 in "rolling their own" and Gentoo seems like the most sensible option from
11 this point of view. Plus my instinct is that Gentoo has recently but firmly
12 taken the "no. 3" spot in popularity after Debian & Redhat (or is SuSE that
13 popular with enthusiasts, despite the price...? Just a guess really, flame
14 ye not!).
16 So I've been preparing a Gentoo "base system" to get ready to offer to our
17 customers and wondered if I could enlist a bit of help: in return we'd like
18 to donate two 64MB Virtual Machines to Gentoo development and we can probaby
19 be a bit more generous with disc space and bandwidth than our advertised
20 3GB/7.5GB deal if the need arises. We'd like the people using the machines
21 to be active Gentoo developers, and to give us a bit of feedback on how
22 we're managing the systems, as well as giving us a heads-up on any new
23 Gentoo developments that might be relevant to our base system. The way we
24 do this with Debian is to periodically evaluate a "fresh" system as produced
25 by our setup process and check that it's still relevant, relatively bug-free
26 and unsurprising to Debian users (that's us, mostly). So we'd like it if
27 the people using the Gentoo machines would help us in the same way, just
28 take a look every couple of months to check we've not made any mistakes.
30 If there's a conesensus on who'd be best to manage these machines, or decide
31 what to do with them, I'll go with that, otherwise I guess let me know if
32 you're a developer, and you need hosting for a particular Gentoo-related
33 project, and we'll try to decide fairly.
35 I'm just finishing off a "first draft" of the Gentoo base system and hope
36 that I can get a couple of developers set up and using them within a few
37 days. Let me know privately if you'd like to use them, or have some
38 authoratitive claim within the project to better allocate the hosting on
39 offer :) Otherwise, any public suggestions on how to manage such a hosted
40 Gentoo service will be welcome (or suggestions as to where better put this
41 discussion <g>).
43 Thanks!
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