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From: Benedikt Morbach <benedikt.morbach@××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] imlib/imlib2 useflag inconsistency
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 19:56:20
1 Hello everybody,
2 I recently noticed, that there are two imlibs in the tree, media-libs/imlib
3 and media-libs/imlib2.
4 There are also two corresponding useflags, imlib and imlib2, while imlib is
5 a global useflag and imlib2 a local one.
6 At the moment of writing, a total of 48 ebuilds in the tree use one of these
7 flags and none uses both.
8 Many ebuilds use the imlib useflag to enable support for media-libs/imlib2,
9 while only one uses imlib2.
11 The problem is, that the last imlib release is over three years old and it's
12 upstream is dead, so many people might not want to have it, but still want
13 the features they get when compiling apps against imlib2.
15 Here are some statistics:
16 The 48 ebuilds consist of 19 packages.
17 24 ebuilds do imlib? ( media-libs/imlib2 )
18 22 ebuilds do imlib? ( media-libs/imlib )
19 1 ebuild does imlib2? ( media-libs/imlib2 ) (x11-misc/fbdesk)
20 1 ebuild does something completely different ( imlib? ( kde-base/kuickshow )
21 ) (kde-base/kdegraphics-meta-3.5.9)
23 Possible solutions include: (sorted by necessary effort)
24 1. Leaving everything like it is (not a real solution)
25 2. Removing the imlib2 useflag
26 3. Changing the 24 ebuilds depending on imlib2 to use the imlib2 useflag
27 (and possibly making it a global flag)
29 In my opinion, making imlib2 a global useflag would be the best solution, as
30 it gives users who do not want an ancient unmaintained library a fine
31 grained control over their system.
33 Please discuss! :)
35 Attachments:
36 [1] imlib.txt: ebuilds using imlib for imlib support
37 [2] imlib2.txt: ebuilds using imlib for imlib2 support
39 Greetings from a humble user


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