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From: Brian Dolbec <dolsen@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] [OT] pkgcore bikeshed (was Portage team)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 18:06:08
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] [OT] pkgcore bikeshed (was Portage team) by Tom Wijsman
1 On Mon, 2014-01-13 at 15:46 +0100, Tom Wijsman wrote:
2 > On Mon, 13 Jan 2014 16:15:37 +0700
3 > "C. Bergström" <cbergstrom@×××××××××.com> wrote:
4 >
5 > > Long term the API to pkgcore could be beneficial, but
6 > > again I'm not sure it's a game changer for users.
7 >
8 > Long term, we should have an independent API backend that tools can
9 > query; not rewrite our tools every time users want to use them with a
10 > different package manager.
11 >
13 I have been working towards that for years, but, things keep getting in
14 the way. By things, I mean other project work that needs to be done as
15 well. I got started in all this working on porthole, which uses
16 portage's api for much of it's information. To get more features,
17 information, I wanted to be able to incorporate some of gentoolkit's
18 info. Namely equery, but most of it's working code was embedded with
19 it's output. I worked hard at separating out it's working code from
20 it's output so it would be usable by other tools. I have also been
21 working on making a pkgcore backend for porthole. In doing that it
22 required making a different backend for portage to get some uniformity
23 for the frontend. I have had to put development of those on hold, due
24 to taking over layman's development. I gave it a new high level api,
25 modified it's mid level code and gave it a nice api that can be used by
26 other apps, guis, etc.. One of the things that came up with layman was
27 to be able to gpg enable it to verify it's repositories.xml list it
28 downloads. I did that. In so doing created dev-python/pyGPG a python
29 lib, which has now brought me in to developing Gentoo-keys (another
30 project that could use help) to manage gentoo's gpg release, developer
31 keys, and verification. Also at the same time a year ago, there was a
32 lot of talk about moving the default location of the gentoo tree, but it
33 could not be done with current catalyst code. So offered to help out as
34 that project was severely lacking people with decent python skills.
35 That code base is like what portage code was 8 years ago. And if you
36 thought todays portage code is bad... you would cringe to see it's code
37 from 8 years ago.
39 Now portage was in trouble, while there were some people stepping in to
40 fix things, I stepped up to help drive out a new release. I am now
41 interim lead till we hold an election. So most of my time now is spent
42 steering projects, more than coding. Hey, it's all work that has to be
43 done. So I'm putting out fires where it needs it most.
45 With that aside. One of the biggest hurdles new developers face with
46 pkgcore is the lack of decent api docs and flow charts. Brian was
47 brilliant and OCD about attaining speed, but at the cost of difficulty
48 in following the code and creating the steep learning curve. I have
49 been trying to get these other projects to a point I could create the
50 docs and charts needed so that it would be easier for new developers to
51 find their way in pkgcores code. That is when pkgcore will make more
52 headway at becoming portage's replacement. But some new fires keep
53 popping up.
56 Long story in a nutshell, gentoo could use more GOOD firefighters.
58 Sorry for the long speech ;)
59 your friendly gentoo python firefighter
61 --
62 Brian Dolbec <dolsen@g.o>


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