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From: Simon Reynolds <sproket@××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RC sysinit suggestion
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:00:30
Message-Id: 1061996324.4731.74.camel@localhost
1 Esteemed developers and other Gentoo enthusiasts,
3 A while back I posted a bug with an updated version crypto-loop to make
4 encrypted swapspaces pretty simple. I've since thought up a couple of
5 improvements/safeguards for it, so I should probably revisit it but
6 that's another matter...
7 Anyway, at the time, my version of crypto-loop didn't activate the
8 swap-space for no good reason other than I just thought that that was
9 what the "Activating Possibly More Swap-Space" in localmount was for.
10 Well, at some point that stopped working because the baselayout changed
11 to initialize an undocumented (except for the source) sysinit level.
12 Since that isn't documented in the rc-script guide I thought that it was
13 a bit confusing. Also, it is now impossible to say something like
14 "before localmount".
15 I had an alternative idea for this though, and was wondering if there
16 was a good reason against it:
18 * Add a new command for use in the depends function: "critical"; that
19 accepts no arguments.
20 * Eliminate the sysinit runlevel and instead just have /sbin/rc verify
21 that all scripts marked as critical are running before we consider the
22 boot level to be started.
23 * Add a check in that prints a large, red warning if there
24 is a critical dependency not currently included in the boot runlevel.
26 I like this because 1) it re-opens the possibility of having a script in
27 the boot level that can run before one of the current five critical
28 dependencies, 2) because it allows dynamic setting of "critical"
29 scripts, and 3) it also makes the existence and definition of critical
30 scripts more clear to rc-script hackers like myself.
32 Even if is deemed a bad idea to remove the sysinit runlevel, I still
33 think that using the critical flag in the depends module would still be
34 an improvement over the current method which is just to list them
35 explicitly in /sbin/rc
37 Let me know what you think.
38 ~Simon Reynolds
40 p.s. I'd more than willing to help implement this suggestion.


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