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From: MAL <mal@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Portage-2.0.47-r2 testing
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:51:42
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Portage-2.0.47-r1 testing by Nick Jones
1 Nick Jones wrote:
2 > Ok. Portage-2.0.47-r1 is ready for testing. It's got a lot of new
3 > stuff in it along with a good deal of fixes. Should be 'wicked-fast'
4 > as it has a lot of updates to caching code and the like. It is masked
5 > in package.mask. I need testers AND feedback. Gimme a holler with
6 > bugs and good/bad comments. Here or on is fine.
8 Ok, very odd problems..
10 Just tried to emerge xpm, and I get:
12 >>> Unpacking source...
13 >>> Unpacking xpm-3.4k.tar.gz to /var/tmp/portage/xpm-3.4k-r1/work
14 >>> Source unpacked.
15 imake -DUseInstalled -I/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config
16 /usr/bin/cpp: line 1: /usr/sbin/gcc-config: No such file or directory
17 /usr/bin/cpp: line 1: /usr/sbin/gcc-config: No such file or directory
18 /usr/bin/cpp: line 1: /usr/sbin/gcc-config: No such file or directory
19 etc... for several thousand lines, until ...
20 /usr/bin/cpp: cannot make pipe for command substitution: Too many open
21 files in system
23 and then it fails.
25 So I look for the elusive /usr/sbin/gcc-config, and lo and behold it's
26 missing?! I ran it a few days ago!
28 So, promptly onto emerge gcc-config, which appears to emerge
29 successfully, but produces the following messages:
31 * Adding compat symlinks...
32 /usr/lib/portage/bin/newbin: line 13: dobin: command not found
33 /usr/lib/portage/bin/prepall: line 6: prepallman: command not found
34 /usr/lib/portage/bin/prepall: line 7: prepallinfo: command not found
35 /usr/lib/portage/bin/prepall: line 8: prepallstrip: command not found
36 >>> Completed installing into /var/tmp/portage/gcc-config-1.3.1/image/
38 The build continues and completes... but.. gcc-config is not on the
39 system?! in either /usr/bin/gcc-config or /usr/sbin/gcc-config.
40 It looks like the build hasn't written any files out.
42 Originally I tried userpriv and usersandbox, but assuming these were
43 causing this problem, I change my features line to just be the default,
44 (nothing). Same thing.
46 I just unmerged and remerged gcc-config, and the ebuild doesn't seem to
47 be adding /usr/bin/gcc-config to the system.
49 This _could_ all be unrelated to portage, in which case it's
50 coincidental with installing 2.0.47-r2.
52 Help :)
53 Cheers,
54 MAL
57 --
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